The Organisation

The foundation has been named after Tito Balestra, one of the major poets of the Italian XX century; the foundation has been founded in 1986 thanks to the donation, made by his wife Anna Maria de Agazio, of all the artistic heritage (2302 artworks, including oil paintings, graphics and sculptures).
The foundation is a permanent no profit institution, open to the general public to be used for its services, which its primary aim is to safeguard, preserve, value and promote the study of the cultural heritage. The foundation is also registered in the Onlus civil registry since 1998.

The foundation organises some events to encourage the study of the contemporary visual arts and literature of the XX Century, concentrating particularly on the artworks made and/or found by Tito Balestra. To achieve this goal, the foundation manages the art collection, library and didactic labs in the Castle of Longiano, which once belonged to the Malatesta family.

The administration structure of the ‘Tito Balestra Onlus’ foundation is organised as follows: