In 1999 the Tito Balestra Foundation, together with some members of the Scuola Operativa Italiana (literally, the Italian Operating School), established the CIDO (Italian Center for Operational Didactics). CIDO organises the Didactic Experimental Workshops and creates a space for researching expressive language. These activities make the Foundation not only a place for art conservation but also an opportunity to stimulate an “aesthetic experience”, especially among the new generations, through emotions and cultural exchange.
This year, the Foundation offers workshops on art, literature and science for kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. During each meeting, kids will be supported by experts on the subject, who will guide them step by step during the proposed activity. The latter can be carried out at the Foundation or at the educational institutions (though we recommend at least one meeting at the Foundation).

All the workshops are carried out in Italian.

See the 2019-2020 programme (only available in Italian)



All the materials necessary to carry out the activities will be provided by the Foundation, except for recycled materials, as their retrieval is part of the project where children are expected to develop daily attention to materials and waste.


The participation fee is € 3 per meeting, € 7 for 3 meetings.
Contact us for information and bookings.


Projects run from January to June. Procedure and timing will be listed project by project.


All activities can be modulated for the age group 3-14 years. All the workshops are suitable for children with disabilities.
Each activity module can be discussed and agreed with the teaching staff in order to adapt the services to the group of children/teenagers to whom it is addressed.

Contact us to get more information on the workshops.